2016    183 x 103 cm

Acrylic on canvas / Akryyli kankaalla / Acryl auf Leinwand

Signed on back:  ’Nina B. 2016’

For me this painting embodies the all-embracing love of a feminine aspect of God (whatever name you may have for him/her). It is painted entirely in black, actually what I would
call ‘warm black’ – with certain amounts of red and purple paint mixed into the black. Many people may experience black as a to a certain extent somewhat uncomfortable, maybe even a bit frightening colour (or non-colour). To me, the ‘warm black’ however, represents an energy that contains all colours and is the unconditional and all-enveloping love of a motherly being.

Interestingly when I first heard of Shekaina, to me it needed to be written the way I am still using it. I did at some point check Wikipedia in order to read up a little more about this topic and was surprised, that in religious and mystic contexts the spelling is different. As I do not intend any harm by using this name in a context of art, and do not want for anybody to feel offended by my interpretation and approach, I decided to stick with my way of spelling.