Nina B. in a nutshell:

Hello and a warm welcome to my website and my art!

My name is Nina Leppälä (née Bürstenbinder) – I am a self-taught artist,
born and raised in Germany and been living in Finland since 2008.

Even though I have always been a diversely creative spirit and have loved colour, textures and the ’feel’ of different materials all my life – painting as my creative medium has risen to the top only a few years ago.

For me creativity comes from within and beyond, from a space and state that is beyond
the reach of the human eye or mind.

Nowadays painting and playing with colours is so essential to me, that I can feel it in my being, when time for creative moments has been too scarce.

The way I experience the process, in which a new painting emerges, is at times light,
playful and enjoyable – sometimes rather substantial, dense and rough – and in the ‘between-phases’, when ‘it is not quite there yet’ it might actually be a bit uncomfortable and hard to bear…

In my works of art, like in my life, I choose to playfully combine things and materials
in ‘unconventional’ ways, adding a little something to my art, you wouldn’t necessarily expect…the small thing, that makes a piece ‘special’ – gives it meaning, depth and a
certain ‘feel’.
Maybe the one thing standing out about me most, is, that you cannot fit me into any one particular box … I actually like to be ‘a little odd’ at times – in the good way, of course  ; )

Someone at some point has called painting a “meditation with a brush”. For me it is the state where I feel connected to the energies of life, my own core and that part in us, that can only be seen with the heart.